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2019.08.14 Saint-Sauveur (c) JC Boyer (1

Choir course

With Matthieu CABANÈS


For whom? This course is intended for students or amateurs who have fun singing, and for whom the vocal ensemble gives access to the pleasure of the concert.


What? Group vocal technique, analysis of individual problems and repetitions by lecterns... all in a friendly and passionate atmosphere.


When? August 6 to 15.


How much? €655 full board; 340€ for the pedagogic fee alone. The price includes free entry to all concerts during the course.

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strings and piano courses

For whom? Students, amateurs and future professionals in violin, viola, cello, double bass, piano.



  • Daily lessons (30min) or every 2 days (1h).

  • Chamber music groups with the artists of the Festival, according to the wishes and availability of each and everyone.

  • Many public hearings in order to give participants the opportunity to express themselves musically, by putting the work carried out at the course to the test of the public.

  • Free entry to all Festival concerts.

  • It is possible to have a reduction on the price of the course by participating in the Festival Orchestra. A professional level is required. Contact the Festival director Olivier Pons directly.


When? August 6th to 19th.


How much? €960 full board; €450 teaching costs alone, €250 piano course.

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2019.08.18 Fons (c) Margot Seminel (2).j

Figeacordes course

For whom? Students of 1st or 2nd cycle in violin, viola or cello.



  • Daily lessons of 2-3 hours per group.

  • Groups are organized by level.

  • Participation in student concerts.

  • Free entry to all Festival concerts.


When? August 9th to 19th for the 2nd cycle group / August 14th to 19th for the 1st cycle group.


How much? Teaching costs alone: €160 (1st grade)/ €250 (2nd grade).

Pay the deposit by Paypal :

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