Created by Jean-Pierre Messerschmitt, on a proposal from Martin Malvy (then Mayor of Figeac), Les Rencontres Musicales de Figeac aimed to spread classical music.


a Franco-Japanese couple, the Mizubayashi, created with Les Rencontres a summer course around the quartet.


Les Rencontres will focus on an action in summer only and Olivier Pons recommends the intervention of Professor Laszlo Mézö for a Masterclass of quartet and cello.


Olivier Pons becomes Artistic Director.


the Figeac Inter-municipal Music School, with the same team, becomes the official organizer, Benoît Defrance being Administrative Director. Jean-Pierre Messerschmitt becomes President of the Inter-municipal Music School of Figeac.


in December, "Les Rencontres Musicales de Figeac" (RMF) becomes an association according to the law of 1901 (OJ of 12/22/2007; licenses for performance n ° 2-1019871 and 3-1019872) whose objectives are: organization of training courses, musical entertainment, concerts and music festivals, mainly in the field of classical music for stringed instruments, as well as all actions to promote its influence.

and since...

a story that continues to be written thanks to the commitment of an association, its partners and its public, each summer from August 6 to 20.

  Directors and members of the Bureau (as of March 23, 2016):

  • Jean-Pierre Messerschmitt, President

  • Nadia Meziane, Treasurer

  • Véronique Seminel, Secretary

  • Jean-François Carde, Assistant Secretary

  • Members elected by the General Assembly: Geneviève Falch, Sophie Picard

  • Ex officio members: 1 member representing Grand-Figeac, 1 member representing the City of Figeac

  • Olivier Pons, Artistic Director

  • Marie-Claude Vieules, accountant